We're a grass-roots* effort to feed PB&J to SF's needy. We believe one can make a big difference for the price of peanuts.

What We Do

In four words: We sell peanut butter.

We find affordable ways to produce fresh, healthy, convenient, and delicious homemade peanut products which you can feel proud to support.

Our mission is our community: We're following a "Tom's One for One" model where the price you pay for a jar of peanut butter also funds a second jar for SF's needy. As often as we can, we'll turn this fresh peanut butter into delicious PB&J's and personally distribute them to the needy in our community.

Our first product is PowerButter: homemade, healthy, freshly-crushed peanut butter made exactly the way you ask for it. If you live in SF, help us feed the need & join our waitlist to receive our next batch of PowerButter:

Our Philosophy

As athletes, we care what we put into our bodies. We also know how hard it is to maintain a healthy diet and to find balanced, healthful foods. Our products are made to-order with options to add protein, vitamins, and natural flavors to match your tastes and give you confidence about your diet. Prefer no sugar? No problem, that should be a choice you control.

The Story

The story of begins with Mek, a Bay Area competitive rock climber who was running late for an outdoor climbing trip. After waking up just ten minutes before the scheduled departure time, he frantically searched for the first quick, nutritious snack he could bring with him: Skippy Peanut Butter and tortilla wraps. His climbing foodie friend all teasted him mercilessly at lunch time and joked he should try to get sponsored by Skippy Peanut Butter. After all, when there's Patagonia, REI, and Clif bars, how many climbers could possibly be competing for sponsorships by a peanut butter company? Well, Mek was game to try -- it sounded like fun.

For over two years, Mek trained and he trained, climbing thousands of boulders and tagging @Skippy on all of his facebook climbing videos.

It was no use, Mek wasn't strong enough. And so he decided to write a humble plea for Skippy's support:

And it worked!

SKIPPY gave Mek 3 free jars of peanut butter. "How many people", he wondered, "do you think one could feed with a jar of peanut butter? I bet there are a lot of people who could use a free pb&j more than I do". And so one sunny Saturday, Mek went around the Mission, SF, distributing sandwiches to anyone who was hungry. He didn't make it 2 blocks before running out of almost 15 sandwiches and juice boxes.

And just like that, the fun was over. Mek had run out of peanut butter and our story comes to an end. Or story would have ended, had not Jeremy Rubin came to the rescue, donating 2 more 48oz jars of peanut butter to power another round of 30 PB&J for SF's hungry!

That's when it hit us, we don't have to run out of peanut butter. Jeremy planted the idea, "maybe u should start a PB company. Do a jar for jar thing. like toms".

And after weeks of research and user-studies, was born.

Thanks & Support

This project would not be possible without the support of my climbing team #teamtryhard, and our fearless leader and coach, Austin Lee.

Thanks also to SKIPPY peanut butter for taking a risk and supporting climbers and for your general contributions towards helping SF's needy

Thanks Jeremy Rubin for donating skippy peanut butter to help us continue feeding the needy, even after our skippy coupons ran out. And then for leading us down this rabbit whole to start

Thanks for the housemates at Serapeum for their willingness to join in this experiment.

Thanks to our loyal customers whose patronage helps SF become a more hospitable place for those in need.

*We're a small non-FDA-approved, grass-roots, experimental project. Food purchased from peanutsforgood should be consumed at the customer's risk